E3 2019 News

E3 2019: Hit That Subscribe Button

We’re at the end of a fairly uneventful E3. The Japanese giants present may have managed to save the show a few days in, but their Western competitors stayed safer, bringing cinematics and a few reveals, but only light gameplay. Word on the street is all the big boys are huddling up and preparing for […]

E3 2018 News

E3 2018: Bethesda Showcase Recap

In the weeks leading up to this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo, Bethesda put forth effort in hyping fans up with promises of ‘more than one surprise’, as well as updates on their favorite games and franchises. We streamed Bethesda’s conference, but if you couldn’t catch our reactions live, or you’re looking for a more detailed […]

E3 2018

E3 2018: EA Showcase Recap

Opening the floodgates as E3’s first official pre-show showcase, Electronic Arts chose to play it safe. Loyal fans of franchises like FIFA and Madden will find no cause for alarm, but players searching for innovation or surprise will be better suited elsewhere. Regardless, we watched (and streamed) it all. Here’s our recap.