Review: Tabletop Simulator

Game: Tabletop Simulator
Made by: Berserk Games
Published by: Berserk Games
Available for: PC, Mac

There’s not much to write about Tabletop Simulator, but that’s not to say I don’t enjoy it. I’ve had hours (>32) of fun with the title, but it’s a game that needs little explanation. Tabletop Simulator allows you to load up a virtual table with a group of friends, load in a board or card game, and play seamlessly.


Tabletop Simulation: At its core, the goal of Tabletop Simulator is to adequately simulate the experience of being able to move and interact with physical objects to play a variety of board and table games.

Workshop Support: Tabletop Simulator’s big draw is its Steam Workshop support, which allows fans to mod in their own games, giving the title an expansive library of available  


Just About Everything: Tabletop Simulator is the premier way to play board games with friends online. The game boasts an impressive library of available titles and simulates them well. Tabletop Simulator offers virtually endless content, and its Workshop support guarantees the availability of just about any board, card, or table game.


Multiplayer Focused: Tabletop Simulator absolutely shines in its ability to simulate the experience of gathering around a table and playing board or card games, but just like the real-life experience, going in alone limits your fun. The game offers jigsaw puzzles and a few other single-player options, but the bulk of this game’s content is for those with people to play with.

Controls: Tabletop Simulator allows players to control just about every aspect of their games. There are a number of methods that can be used to draw cards, move and rotate objects, and generally interact with the game. For the most part, this bulk of available options is helpful and well-explained, but players disinterested in looking up control schemes or spending half an hour learning how to play may find this isn’t the experience for them. (Alternatively, trying to work out the controls with a group can be considered a way to build camaraderie.)


If you’re looking for a solid way to play board games with friends online, there is no better option than Tabletop Simulator. Pick up a few copies as a group and immediately dive into just about any title you can think of. Short of picking up a physical copy and playing in person, Tabletop is as good as it gets.


From Steamspy unless otherwise noted.

Average Playtime*: 19.5 hours
Average Cost per Hour**: $1.03

Median Playtime*: 5.5 hours
Median Cost per Hour**: $3.63

* Playtime rounded to the nearest half-hour
**Costs calculated using a price of $19.99


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