Review: Jackbox Party Pack 3

Game: Jackbox Party Pack 3
Developed by: Jackbox Games
Published by: Jackbox Games
Available for: PC, Mac, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV, NVidia Shield

For years, when I’ve gathered to play games with friends, the Jackbox Party Pack has been a staple, and though the Jackbox Party Pack 4 is out now, the third party pack offers a separate selection of games that all hold their entertainment value steady. As with all Party Packs, though, your enjoyment of the pack heavily depends on your enjoyment of the individual games included.

NOTE: Setting the Jackbox Party Packs apart from other games is that you and your friends need only one internet-connected device each to play. Put away the controllers, as long as everyone’s got a phone, laptop, or tablet, you’ll be able to play.

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Review: Nidhogg

Game: Nidhogg
Made by: Messhof
Published by: Messhof
Available for: PC, Mac, Playstation 4

Nidhogg is an incredibly simple and incredibly fun one-on-one party game. You and your opponent spawn in the middle of the screen and, with easy-to-learn controls, your goal is to vanquish your adversary and sprint to their side of the screen as quickly as possible. As you progress, your opponent will spawn again in your path in an attempt to stop you from proceeding to the edge of the screen. If they’re successful, it’s their turn to run the opposite direction until you can stop them. After a few screens, one of you will reach the end of the level and be triumphantly rewarded by being eaten by the giant, grotesque Nidhogg, the creature for which the game is named.

Again, Nidhogg is simple. The concept is simple, the graphics are simple, the game’s four levels are simple. All of that established, this game is fun with the right group of people. Nidhogg can absolutely be played with a two-player setup, but I’ve found the most fun is to get a group of people together and set up a tournament (which is an option in-game). In my experience, these tournaments are a lot of fun, with the last few games being an edge-of-your-seat-worthy ordeal.

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Review: Jackbox Party Pack 4

Game: Jackbox Party Pack 4
Made by: Jackbox Games
Published by: Jackbox Games
Available for: PC, Mac, Xbox One, Playstation 4, Switch, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, NVidia Shield

The Jackbox Party Pack is a library staple of the party gamer, and the Party Pack 4 is the series’ latest addition. As with all Jackbox Games, your experience is entirely dependent on how you feel about the five (or six) games included. Below, I’ve listed and explained each of the pack’s party-oriented games.

It’s worth noting if you’ve never played a Jackbox Party Pack before that each game can be played with groups of at least 3-7 other players and that players need only a phone or internet-connected device to engage in the game.

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