Review: Stardew Valley

Game: Stardew Valley
Made by: Concerned Ape
Published by: Chucklefish
Available for: PC, Mac, Xbox One, Playstation 4, Switch


Stardew Valley may be the most relaxing game I’ve ever played. A spiritual successor to the Harvest Moon series, Stardew Valley opens by taking you away from crowded and chaotic city life and carries you away to the coastal Pelican Town where your grandfather’s farm awaits. From here, your path is your own — you can dedicate yourself to farming and living off the land, travel deep into the town’s mines, try your hand at fishing, or make an attempt at bolstering your relationship with the local townsfolk.

What captivated me about Stardew Valley was the game’s invitation to players to explore a variety of things to do in Pelican Town, all of which are fun and engaging. Stardew Valley, in its entirety, is a one man project, a fact made all the more surprising by just how much content this game has. Perfecting your farm or mastering the fishing skill can take years (in 13-minute days and 112-day years) of in-game time, but each planted crop and each fish or ore feels like a real step in the right direction. Stardew Valley’s progress is finely-tuned, and every day offers opportunity for accomplishment.

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Review: Nidhogg

Game: Nidhogg
Made by: Messhof
Published by: Messhof
Available for: PC, Mac, Playstation 4

Nidhogg is an incredibly simple and incredibly fun one-on-one party game. You and your opponent spawn in the middle of the screen and, with easy-to-learn controls, your goal is to vanquish your adversary and sprint to their side of the screen as quickly as possible. As you progress, your opponent will spawn again in your path in an attempt to stop you from proceeding to the edge of the screen. If they’re successful, it’s their turn to run the opposite direction until you can stop them. After a few screens, one of you will reach the end of the level and be triumphantly rewarded by being eaten by the giant, grotesque Nidhogg, the creature for which the game is named.

Again, Nidhogg is simple. The concept is simple, the graphics are simple, the game’s four levels are simple. All of that established, this game is fun with the right group of people. Nidhogg can absolutely be played with a two-player setup, but I’ve found the most fun is to get a group of people together and set up a tournament (which is an option in-game). In my experience, these tournaments are a lot of fun, with the last few games being an edge-of-your-seat-worthy ordeal.

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Review: Jackbox Party Pack 4

Game: Jackbox Party Pack 4
Made by: Jackbox Games
Published by: Jackbox Games
Available for: PC, Mac, Xbox One, Playstation 4, Switch, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, NVidia Shield

The Jackbox Party Pack is a library staple of the party gamer, and the Party Pack 4 is the series’ latest addition. As with all Jackbox Games, your experience is entirely dependent on how you feel about the five (or six) games included. Below, I’ve listed and explained each of the pack’s party-oriented games.

It’s worth noting if you’ve never played a Jackbox Party Pack before that each game can be played with groups of at least 3-7 other players and that players need only a phone or internet-connected device to engage in the game.

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Review: Thomas Was Alone

Game: Thomas Was Alone
Made by: Bithell Games
Published by: Bithell Games
Available for: PC, Mac, Xbox One, Playstation 4, Wii U, iOS, Android

Thomas Was Alone is the game that made me care about colored rectangles. The game’s general concept is simple; a platformer where different characters have different abilities, and the player can cycle through and play as all available characters to complete the mission. Rather than design a set of well-drawn and composed characters, though, developer Mike Bithell chose to keep the game simple, opting to make them all different-colored rectangles.

The platforming in Thomas Was Alone is fun, though simple, but where the game finds its shine is through Danny Wallace’s narration, which adds depth and personality to an otherwise very average puzzle game. As you progress through the game’s hundred or so levels, Wallace vocally assigns each of these mute, expressionless characters an identity that sticks with them as they interact with their newfound colleagues. Here, the story isn’t necessary exceptional, but there’s something special about exploring themes of uncertainty, loneliness, jealousy, and love through a set of solid-colored quadrilaterals. Thomas Was Alone doesn’t revolutionize the platformer, and it doesn’t tell an epic story, but at its end, it had me honestly rooting for a collection of small, colored shapes to find their own forms of happiness.

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Review: Tabletop Simulator

Game: Tabletop Simulator
Made by: Berserk Games
Published by: Berserk Games
Available for: PC, Mac

There’s not much to write about Tabletop Simulator, but that’s not to say I don’t enjoy it. I’ve had hours (>32) of fun with the title, but it’s a game that needs little explanation. Tabletop Simulator allows you to load up a virtual table with a group of friends, load in a board or card game, and play seamlessly.

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Review: Wolfenstein: The New Order

Game: Wolfenstein: The New Order
Made by: Machine Games
Published by: Bethesda Softworks
Available on: PC, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One

I bought Wolfenstein during a Steam Sale in 2014 looking for a gripping single-player shooting experience. I played the first few levels and enjoyed them, but time took me away. This last month, I finally got around to completing the game, just in time for the release of its sequel. In the past I’ve moved through single-player games slowly, playing a level or two here and there, but my second playthrough of Wolfenstein had me hooked, and I found myself squeezing in a level wherever I could, finishing the game in just a few days.

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Review: Terraria

Game: Terraria
Made by: Re-Logic
Published by: Re-Logic
Available for: PC, Mac, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Wii U, Switch, 3DS, iOS, Android

According to Steam’s statistics, I’ve spent 697+ hours of my life playing Terraria.

With over 20 million copies sold, Terraria is the second best-selling PC game of all time, beat out only by Minecraft. Six years after its release, Terraria regularly maintains tens of thousands of concurrent players on Steam, an impressive number for a game you probably picked up on sale for $2.50.

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